Reducing Diabetes at Your Organization

Diabetes is one of the largest and fastest growing expenses inside every organization, and its human and financial impacts are severe. According to the American Diabetes Association, the total cost of diabetes exceeds $327 Billion and has increased 25% between 2012 and 2017. This translates into a $6.1 billion total cost for the Metro Philadelphia area. Every year, there are 27,955 new cases of diabetes in Metro Philadelphia. For an organization covering 10,000 lives, they have 930 persons with diabetes, 2,582 with pre-diabetes and are experiencing 46 cases of newly diagnosed diabetes per year. Despite these severe financial and human impacts, few organizations know the costs and even fewer organizations address the impact.

We organized Signature Diabetes Institute (“SDI”) to sell diabetes management services directly to the organizations that pay for healthcare. Many organizations already self-purchase dental, vision and prescription benefit management services! With SDI, organizations can finally purchase diabetes management services that work.

The SDI results are staggering.

While most organizations do nothing, and the national prevention rate of diabetes is 62%, our Signature Diabetes Institute (SDI) is delivering a 94% diabetes prevention rate in the population with pre-diabetes.

The resulting financial impact is a Return on Investment (ROI) exceeding 100% of an organization’s investment. With a 94% prevention rate the human savings are exponential. Diabetes is a very costly national crisis and SDI is delivering a best-in-nation prevention rate.

Using American Diabetes Association guidelines, an organization with 1,600 covered lives, has approximately 150 persons with diabetes and 461 with pre-diabetes. If they do nothing they will have 8 newly diagnosed with diabetes per year. With SDI, 7 of those 8 will not progress to having diabetes. Over a 3-year contract instead of 24-new cases, 21 people will not have diabetes. The net ROI is 103% and the human savings are priceless.

To schedule a meeting with SDI to learn how SDI eases the burdens of diabetes, prevents ER & hospital visits, reduces absenteeism and improves productivity by utilizing the SDI model of Diabetes Management, contact us today.

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